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4764 N. High Street

Boline Apothecary is currently located at 4764 N. High Street, at Beechwold Street .

(That's just 2 blocks south of Morse Road- we are a block south of Mozart's and next door to City Folks Farm Shop).

There are bike racks in front. We share a parking lot with City Folks Farm Shop in the back. They do not mind if you walk through their shop (which has a back entrance) to get to ours.

WE ARE MOVING February 1st to 15 W. Dunedin (in a cottage behind Global Gallery, just off High Street). With the move comes expanded hours (7 days a week!) and a tonic club.

We buy locally grown herbs from farmers and homesteaders. We are Ohio proud! Less buying from national distributors for our bulk section and house line of remedies and body care means supporting the local economy, getting more potent botanicals, and less reliance on fossil fuels!

Our dried bulk herb section is ever-growing. We also have clays, minerals, salts, empty capsules, glycerin, oils, and more.

We are always processing remedies and body care. Ask what's in process on your next visit! We are happy to play "tour guide"!