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4764 N. High Street

Boline Apothecary is located at 4764 N. High Street, at Beechwold Street (Just 2 blocks south of Morse Road- we are a block south of Mozart's and next door to City Folks Farm Shop).
We share parking in the back with City Folks Farm Shop. Our entrance is in the front.

Arriving this week:
Slippery Elm Lozenges, a NEW BULK ROOM!

Arriving next week:
More body care, including some hair care!

Farmer's Markets/Events this week:


Clintonville (on High Street, in front of Global Gallery) 9-noon

Seasonal Display:
Autumn cold and flu remedies, Back-to-school remedies for pink eye, earaches, and head lice.

In Process:
Lip Scuff, Hair Rinses, Ginger oxymel, Garlic oxymel, more simples!